Safety + Security

YALLAH! Israel has operated outstanding summer and semester programs in Israel for over 65 years.

Throughout, Yallah! Israel has earned a well-deserved reputation for aspiring to provide the highest standard of health, safety and security in all its youth travel programs. Over six decades, we have always placed the welfare of young people entrusted to our care above all other considerations and are highly responsive to ever-changing needs and conditions.

Please see below (under our Summer 2024 Update) for a full outline of our Safety & Security protocols.  

Yallah! Israel Summer 2024 Update

Yallah! Israel Summer Update

Updated January 29, 2024

As we continue to feel the impact how the events of October 7 shape our current reality, Yallah! Israel is so grateful to welcome teens to Israel this summer. While the itinerary will be adjusted, we are planning a summer filled with growth, community, joy and transformative experiences in the land we call home. 

To learn more about the important updates we are actively working on for Summer 2024, please watch a recording of our webinar from Sunday, January 28 where we outline our updated safety & security protocols, itinerary updates, framing the current situation, staffing, our RootOne Vouchers & Application, and more! 

Planning for a meaningful and impactful Summer in Israel
Yallah! Israel Summer 2024 is not only an opportunity to travel with new and old friends and make fun memories, but also an opportunity to become a part of history while making a difference in the land that we call home. As we continue to plan for an unforgettable summer, we’re excited to still offer the classic highlights – from immersing ourselves in the vibrant open-air markets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to visiting diverse communities such as the Druze and Bedouins, fostering connections that transcend borders and cultures. 

However, this summer will truly be once-in-a-lifetime as we explore how our participants can contribute to Israel in a deeper way. Various programs we are exploring includes spending time with evacuees to hear their stories and extend our support, as well as opportunities to learn more about the current agricultural crisis by volunteering on a farm and a food pantry. By integrating these updates into our program for Summer 2024, we’re not just offering a chance for a fun summer with friends but also a chance to be a part of something greater by directly impacting everyday life in Israel. 

As always, our primary focus remains ensuring that our teens have a fun, safe, and meaningful summer experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Safety & Security

New Protocols for Summer 2024

  • All groups will be accompanied 24/7 by an Israel security guard
  • Our Yallah! Israel Senior Staff Team (Director, Associate Director, and Assistant Directors) will be on-the-ground with all of our groups in case of an emergency and each bus will have a staff to participant ratio of at least 1:8
  • None of our groups will travel near any border of Israel (Lebanon, Syria, or Gaza). Our groups will visit Eilat, which is considered a safe zone for groups.
  • All hotels, hostels, guest houses, and youth villages our groups stay at will be located centrally and have a safe room on site
  • These extra measures we are taking are in addition to the protocols and procedures outlined below, which we have in place every single summer. 

YALLAH! Israel is cautious and conservative

  • Throughout their stays, Yallah! Israel groups reside in secure accommodations
  • Itineraries are reviewed daily – and changed as necessary – to ensure that planned routes and destinations provide the highest level of safety
  • Yallah! Israel’s full-time education and logistics professionals in Israel consult daily with the Security Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel who are in constant contact with the Israeli government, police, and military authorities

YALLAH! Israel groups only travel in the safest and most secure areas

  • Yallah! Israel groups travel only in our own chartered buses – never on public transportation
  • With appropriate safety protocols in place, Yallah! Israel provides comprehensive touring and learning programs focused on ancient and modern Israel
  • Contingency plans will be implemented as necessary to move groups to safety and/or to bring them home as appropriate

YALLAH! Israel keeps parents

  • Parents can reach the senior supervisors in Israel and the U.S. 24 hours a day for the duration of the summer program.
  • Yallah! Israel’s office in North America is open 8 hours a day and we check voicemail every weekday.
  • Our website is available 24 hours a day for updates and news. It is our goal to provide as much information as possible, enabling families to make informed decisions about their teen’s participation.

YALLAH! Israel outlines all safety and security guidelines

  • Yallah! Israel participants and parents must sign the Yallah! Israel Code of Conduct, signifying their willingness to abide by all rules, regulations and safety guidelines throughout the program
  • Yallah! Israel staff members and participants receive a thorough orientation regarding expectations for appropriate behavior and safety and security procedures and protocols