Flights & Travel Insurance

Flights & Travel Insurance

YALLAH! Israel has operated outstanding summer and semester programs in Israel for over 60 years.

Yallah! Israel has teamed up with a group travel agency, Traveland, to help coordinate flights, assist during travel days, issue travel insurance policies, and answer all travel-related questions. As a travel agency with more than 45 years of experience in group travel, Traveland provides exceptional customer service for all things related to flights and travel insurance for our families.


Yallah! Israel families will register with Traveland to secure a spot on the program’s group flight, as well as arrange any domestic travel and deviations, if applicable. 

Group flight FAQs

How do i secure a spot on the group flight?

All enrolled families will receive a link in the confirmation email (subject: Welcome to Yallah! Israel) to the Yallah! Israel booking center with Traveland.

Parents/guardians should select the appropriate program for your teen to ensure a spot on the correct group flight.

Is there an additional cost for the group flight?

No! All international group flight costs are included in the total program cost listed on your Yallah! Israel registration.

When should i register my teen for the group flight?

Parents/guardians will receive a link to the Traveland booking page in your teen’s enrollment confirmation email. Space is limited for all group blocks. These flights are booked on a first come, first serve basis. We strongly recommend submitting the Traveland registration within 48 hours of receiving the link.

If you are interested in making alternate flight arrangements (“deviations”), you must still register for the group flight. Once flight details are published, Traveland can begin working on your deviation request. For full information on deviations, please refer to the section “Deviations” below.

Can i make special requests for my teen ?

Yes! If your teen requires a special meal due to any dietary restrictions (such as vegetarian, gluten-free), you should indicate this on the Traveland registration.

A specific seat can also be requested but is not guaranteed. This is up to the airline and usually requires a medical reason (such as a torn ACL). An additional fee may apply.

Are group flights escorted by Yallah! Israel chaperones?

Yes! Each group flight is escorted by at least one Yallah! Israel chaperone. Only group flights are chaperoned.

Will there be representatives at the group's gateway airport?

Yes! Yallah! Israel & Traveland’s representatives will meet the group flights at the airport and the flights will have Yallah! Israel chaperone(s) accompany the group from security in the North American thru customs in Poland/Israel.

Domestic flight FAQs

How does my teen get to the Gateway Airport if we are not from the area?

We strongly recommend families use Traveland to book domestic flights. Domestic flights will be booked from the domestic airport that you have requested on your registration to the group’s international gateway airport. Traveland will email you more information and a potential itinerary beginning in early 2024. Nothing will be booked without your written approval. Traveland will find potential itineraries arriving at your international gateway airport no later than 5 1/2 hours prior to departure. Traveland also makes sure back-up flights are available in case your domestic flight gets canceled.

If you choose to book your own domestic flight independently, outside of Traveland, you are doing so at your own risk and will be responsible for any travel logistics or expense resulting from a delayed or cancelled flight.

Is there an additional cost for domestic flights?

Yes, you are responsible for the cost of your domestic flight.

Traveland will make sure to select the most budget friendly domestic flights for you. Once the domestic flight itinerary is approved, families will pay Traveland directly via debit/credit card.

My teen is coming with a friend and/or camp group. Can we coordinate domestic flights?

Yes! Traveland will look to book teens coming from the same area on the same domestic flight itinerary. Please note, this is subject to space availability and cost.

Deviations (alternate flight arrangement) FAQs

What is a deviation?

When the traveler wishes to deviate their itinerary by departing or returning on different dates, or cities other than what the group is booked on.

Is there a deviation fee?

Yes, Traveland changes a $100.00 deviation fee. Additional airfare may apply and will be calculated at the time of reservation.


No, only scheduled group flights are accompanied by a Yallah! Israel chaperone. If your teen is flying to or from the program separate from the group, you will be required to submit the Yallah! Israel Unaccompanied Minor Authorization form. Please note, this is not the same as an airline’s unaccompanied minor policy. For most airlines, passengers 15-17 years old do not are not required to pay their unaccompanied minor fee.


The Yallah! Israel team will coordinate on-the-ground logistics with you directly. We take timing of the group flight, the deviated flight, and group location into account when determining the best way to get your teen from or to the airport for their flight. Additional fees may apply if taxi’s and/or additional staff are needed.

Travel Insurance

Our partner travel agency, Traveland, works with Travel Insured to offer a travel protection insurance policy at a group rate for Yallah! Israel families. You may opt-in to a General Protection Policy any time up until your final tuition payment, or May 1, whichever comes first. We strongly recommend that you opt in to a travel protection insurance plan that may allow you to recoup some or all of the nonrefundable expenses you may incur due to health or injury requiring withdrawal from the program, lost or delayed luggage, flight delays, or other unexpected circumstances. Policies also cover Trip Interruption due to illness including Covid-19. For a list of benefits and pricing guide, please visit Student Travel Protection Plan for Yallah! Israel.

No Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policies will be available for purchase for Summer 2024.

General FAQs

DO i need travel insurance?

Yes. It is highly recommended to protect the trip cost and also insure the participant for trip interruption and baggage delay, or lost luggage.

Who can purchase a travel insurance policy?

Policies are available for all Yallah! Israel participants residing in the USA. 

The supplemental “Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR)” benefit is not available for travel to Israel this summer. You can, and should, still purchase the General Protection policy. 

If you are a Canadian resident, we recommend looking into Third Party insurance providers, such as CoverMe, to help protect your teen’s trip. Please note, Yallah! Israel is not able to provide any details or advice for insurance policies purchased outside of Traveland. Thank you for your understanding. 

When should i purchase travel insurance?

Links (by program) to the Traveland travel insurance page can be found in the Family Handbook on Page 9.

We strongly recommend all policies be purchased at time of receiving your enrollment confirmation email. 


Who should i call if i need assistance in clarifying the benefits, or purchasing the policy?

Please contact the Traveland Insurance Specialist at