Summer Employment

Summer Employment

Why work for Yallah! Israel

As a Jewish leader and educator, you know that Israel is an amazing place that offers unparalleled opportunities for adventure, reflection, and growth. For so many Reform Jews, the Israel experience is a chance to connect to our collective history and culture, wrestle with challenging questions and issues, and explore the unlimited potential to find their place in the Jewish future.

When you join Yallah! Israel’s summer staff, you will have an incredible opportunity to shape the Israel experience for our participants:

  • You will lead formative conversations around Israel, Judaism, and what it means to be an engaged and connected individual in the modern world
  • You will guide and inspire the next generation of leaders
  • You will foster connections with your teens and make an impact that they will remember forever
  • You will make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime
  • You will grow personally and professionally  
  • You will get PAID to go to Israel and travel around the entire country

Yallah! Israel gives you a summer experience that can’t be matched: you’ll have a summer full of fun while gaining marketable skills that will advance your career and education. 

Many of our summer staff members have found that the Yallah! Israel staffing experience helped them learn and acquire skills that have since helped them stand out as a candidate in the job market. This unique experience can give you the upper edge against candidates who simply opt for a “real world” summer job or internship. Some of the many skills that our summer staff members have added to their resumes after working with Yallah! Israel focus on: 

  • Fostering leadership skills and empowerment:you will have more responsibility than most of your friends will outside of this program 
  • Turning ideas into action: you will write and run programs that express your skills and talents 
  • Development of self and others: you will enrich your life through becoming a role model to teens 
  • Cross–cultural and cross–functional collaboration: you will become a professional collaborator through constant teamwork with your peers and through guidance from supervisors 
  • And many more invaluable transferrable skills such as: Communication, Listening, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Adaptability, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Creativity, Strategic Planning, Teamwork, and Emotional Intelligence 


If you have any questions, please email the Yallah! Israel Professional Team.