URJ Greene Family Camp

Experience Israel with With Your Greene Family Camp Friends!


During this 4-week adventure, teens will explore rich Polish history before immersing themselves in Israel’s rich history and vibrant culture. Forge lasting friendships and broaden their horizons through authentic immersive experiences. From spiritual connections to natural beauty, don’t miss out on this transformative journey of adventure and personal growth.

Together with your URJ Greene Family Camp friends, create and be part of an immersive traveling Jewish community. The Adventure program is a unique and challenging four week summer experience created for teens who seek a meaningful and exciting journey to Israel filled with amazing memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Itinerary overview

Yallah! Israel’s professional staff in Israel and North America have designed an exciting itinerary that ensures great fun and adventure, meaningful discovery and the highest standard of safety and security.


Experience for yourself the epic journey of the Jewish people, exploring more than one thousand years of our rich European Jewish heritage. Visit medieval castles, wander through long-lost Jewish neighborhoods, and bring life to preserved pre-war synagogues. See the factory once owned by Oskar Schindler, made famous by the movie “Schindler’s List.” Deepen your understanding of the most challenging period in our collective history. Set the stage for your own Israel adventure.

Week Two: B’ruchim Habaim L’Yisrael! – Welcome

Welcome to Israel! Start your journey with an opening ceremony at Tel Yafo overlooking ancient Jaffa, linking you into the chain of tradition of pilgrims throughout history who arrived through this port city. Spend three days trekking through the Negev desert just as our ancestors did. Swim in Eilat’s Coral Beach and snorkel in the cool water of the Red Sea. Take in countless breathtaking views and observe extraordinary wildlife. Explore the history, spirituality and magic of the ancient city of Jerusalem. Visit the Kotel (the Western Wall), enjoy a water-hike through an ancient underground aqueduct, and shop in Jerusalem’s vibrant open-air market.

Week Three: ha'Boker Or - The Morning Light

The Judean desert is home to many of Israel’s most iconic experiences – camel rides, sleepouts in a Bedouin tent, and the ancient desert fortress of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea. Climb Masada in time for the stunning sunrise over the mountains of Jordan. Follow it up with a float in the Dead Sea, cover yourself with the famous black mud, and cool off in the refreshing waterfalls of Ein Gedi. Travel north to the Galilee region, where much of our modern ideas about Judaism took root, and where we share deep connections with our Christian and Muslim cousins.

Spend the second half of the week participating in your “Chavaya” intensive. Before leaving for Israel, you’ll select one of these exciting 4-day in-depth experiences (see “Your Choice” tab). Pursue your own interests while in Israel and make new friends from other Yallah! Israel groups at the same time.

Spend the second half of the week participating in your “Chavaya” intensive. Before leaving for Israel, you’ll select one of these exciting 4-day in-depth experiences (see “Your Choice” tab). Pursue your own interests while in Israel and make new friends from other Yallah! Israel groups at the same time.

Week Four: Shir ha'emek - Song of the Valley

Wander the mystical city of Tzfat, high up in the mountains of Israel. Explore the ancient alleyways and centuries-old synagogues, as you discover the origins of Kabbalah and Tikkun Olam. Get closer to Israel’s natural beauty in the Arbel Nature Reserve. Your Israeli peers will join the group for a week – a short but sweet opportunity to make lifelong friendships. Sit atop the Golan Heights while examining the important beginnings of the dream of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel. Return to Jerusalem and begin to connect our ancient past to our recent past and our recent past to today.

Week Five: Lekach Tov - Taking Israel Back Home

Hit up trendy Tel Aviv for some beach time, and go shopping at the Nahalat Binyamin artists’ market. Go on a tour of the Yazamut Center, Israel’s exciting high-tech showcase for technological innovations. Discover the soul of modern Israel and explore the famous graffiti displays in the Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Wrap up your trip in Jerusalem, a last chance to deepen your bond to your groupmates, to your experiences, and to your Israel.

choose your own adventure

It’s your turn to choose your own personal experience. Before leaving for Israel, select one of these exciting 4-day in-depth experiences. This module offers you the opportunity to pursue your own interests while in Israel and make new friends from other Yallah! Israel buses at the same time.

Chavaya options are subject to change.

Yam L’Yam (Sea to Sea)

Join this four day trek from the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) to the Mediterranean. Gain experience climbing, orienteering, hiking, mountain biking and camping.

Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World in Israel)

Explore critical social issues facing modern Israel and make your own personal contribution working together with Kibbutz Hanaton, a new type of Kibbutz model based on social justice in the Galilee.

Gadna (Army Training)

Participate in simulated Israeli Defense Forces basic training while living on an Israeli Army base. See for yourself what life is like in the IDF, a challenging touchstone experience shared by nearly all Israelis.

Sar-El (Volunteers for Israel)

Work side-by-side with Israeli soldiers, learn about their lives and backgrounds, and make a meaningful contribution to their base. You will get a deeper knowledge of the role the IDF plays in the defense of Israel and in the social fabric of the country. *This option is ONLY for teens travelling with Adventure National Session 1, L’Dor V’Dor National Session 1, Camp Coleman, Garin Greene, GUCI, Jacobs Camp, Camp Kalsman, Camp Newman, OSRUI, and WBT .

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This Alternate Trip option is only available for 10th grade URJ Camp Families this coming Summer 2024!