Frequently Asked Questions

YALLAH! Israel has operated outstanding summer and semester programs in Israel for over 60 years.

Throughout, Yallah! Israel (formerly NFTY in Israel) has earned a well-deserved reputation for aspiring to provide the highest standard of health, safety and security in all its youth travel programs. Over six decades, we have always placed the welfare of young people entrusted to our care above all other considerations and are highly responsive to ever-changing needs and conditions.

*Please note, the physical and emotional health of the teens is our top priority. As such, we are already working with the Israel Ministry of Health and the URJ Summer Programs COVID-19 medical team to determine the policies and procedures we will be putting in place for our upcoming season. We will be updating you about our COVID-19 related policies and procedures as more information becomes available and as the summer gets closer.

General faqs

Is Yallah! Israel the same trip as NFTY in Israel?

Yes! We may have a new name, but our authentic, immersive program that has been around for more than six decades has not changed!

Our new brand identity will help us demonstrate the unique nature of our Israel experiences to new audiences, connecting even more Jewish young adults to the land of Israel and all it has to offer. 

Who participates in Yallah! Israel?
Mostly 15-17 year olds, entering their 11th or 12th grade years of high school. Participants must turn at least 15 and have completed 10th grade before the trip. Graduating high school seniors may attend as well.
What is a National trip?
Our National trips are for teens who are traveling alone, with a friend, or with a congregation. For more information please visit our North American trips page.
What are the dates of the programs?
For North American Trip dates visit the North American Trips page. For Camp trips, please visit each camp page.
Are additional scholarships available?
Every registrant is eligible to receive a RootOne Voucher.  
Additionally, many communities offer scholarships for Yallah! Israel. Please see ourFinancial Assistance page for scholarships that may be available to you. 


How are travel arrangements made?

Most of our trips leave from and return to John F. Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark-Liberty International Airport in the New York metropolitan area. Some groups may have special departures from other airports in the United States. 

  • Domestic Flights – USA and Canada Participants and their families are responsible for their own domestic arrangements to and from the program’s departure city.
  • International Flights – USA to Israel: Yallah! Israel arranges your international flights from our group departure airport at the beginning, during (if applicable), and commencement of the program. We only book our groups on American, European, and Israeli airlines that comply with the all safety and security measures required to fly in the United States, Europe, and Israel.
  • Meeting the Group in the Program Departure City Participants who fly to the departure city on their own are given explicit instructions for navigating the easy transfer from their domestic arriving airport or terminal to the departure terminal for their group international flight. Yallah! Israel staff is on hand on the days of departure and return to ensure that all participants make their connections safely.
Do I need a passport?

All participants on a Yallah! Israel program will need a passport that is valid for 6 months after the conclusion of the program, per Israeli requirements.

How are Yallah! Israel groups formed?

We take a few different factors into account in creating groups that provide a healthy social and educational environment for all our teens:

  • Teens coming from across North America will be placed in groups with other teens who have chosen to join the program independently. If you are not coming as part of a community group, there will always be others in your group coming on their own as well.
  • Some of our partners in regional, synagogue, or community groups may organize a cohort of teens to attend together. We’ll make sure all the teens in a community cohort are placed in the same group.
  • If you are attending with your URJ Camp community, you’ll travel in the same group with your friends from camp.

What is the typical group size? What are the gender dynamics? The typical group ranges from 35 – 42 participants. We welcome participants of all gender identities, most of whom identify as either girls or boys. The number of participants of each gender on any given bus can vary depending on the individual teens who choose to register.

Will I be placed with my friends? We will guarantee you are placed in a group with friends as long as you have:

  1. Registered on time
  2. Are participating in the same program
  3. You have the chosen the same trip dates
What are the food and lodging arrangements?
  • Our groups stay at a higher level of accommodations than most other youth programs.
  • In Israel, our groups stay in kibbutz guesthouses, youth centers, hotels, and camping sites throughout Israel. Usually 3 – 4 participants stay per room with a private bathroom and most accommodations are air-conditioned.
  • Our accommodations are safe and appropriate for teens.
  • Participants are provided with three complete meals each day.
  • A vegetarian option is always available.
  • Nearly every accommodation during the summer in Israel is Kosher and meals will be Kosher style.
  • Dietary restrictions can nearly always be accommodated if we are given sufficiently advance notice before the trip.
What should I pack?

After registering for a Yallah! Israel program, you will have access to an online account that will contain the summer packing list, along with other important materials.

How are valuables kept safe?

Passports are held for safekeeping in our safe at the Yallah! Israel Jerusalem office. Airline tickets are issued as eTickets, so there is no need for a teen to travel with a physical ticket during the summer. For spending money, we recommend using a debit or credit card in order to minimize the chance of losing large amounts of spending money.

We recommend against bringing non-essential valuables that may be misplaced or damaged while traveling.


Who supervises Yallah! Israel groups?

We strive for the highest standard of staff supervision. Our Tour Educators and Group Leaders are generally older and have more Jewish and life experience than in most other programs. The staff-to-participant ratio is approximately 1:10. There are always at least 3 staff members with each bus. 

  1. Tour Educator (Age 25+) 
  2. Group Leader (Age 25+) 
  3. One or more Counselors (Age 21+) 

Each person selected to serve as a Yallah! Israel staff member has extensive experience working with teens, knowledge of Israel, and often is a graduate of the Northern Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) or our URJ camping system. Each staff team is comprised of women and men, North Americans and Israelis. 

All staff members participate in a thorough staff training orientation covering issues of education, health, safety, security, community building and contemporary adolescent issues. Our Tour Educators are required to participate in a 6-month training course in Israel designed exclusively by Yallah! Israel for our staff. 

Senior Unit Supervisor – Each group travels on their own bus in a Unit with up to 3 other groups. A senior supervisor travels with the Unit to supervise the educational program, staff and participants. The Senior Unit Supervisor is an accomplished Jewish educator and administrator. 

Senior Leadership – Yallah! Israel is supervised by senior URJ Youth professional staff in Israel and North America. 

Learn more about the URJ’s Child Protection Policy.

How is medical care provided?

We enroll all participants on our programs in a travel medical insurance plan that covers most illness and injury during the trip. The insurance does not cover care for pre-existing conditions. We strive to provide the highest standard of medical care available, including:

  • Access to English-speaking doctors
  • Participants are always accompanied (24 hours a day if necessary) while visiting a physician or in the hospital
Who holds and dispenses medications?

Participants are responsible for holding and dispensing their own medications. We understand teens have varying levels of experience managing medications, and so our staff are prepared to provide age-appropriate support in building this essential life skill, such as reminders to take medications on time and reminders to double-check medication is packed before leaving for a new hotel. Our staff will directly assist participants who have medications that require special handling, such as refrigeration.

Are the Programs safe?

For details, please visit our Safety and Security Protocols page.

We believe that the health, safety and security of the teens entrusted to our care is always our highest priority. As such, we are exceedingly cautious and conservative. We review our itineraries on a daily basis to ensure that all groups are traveling on the safest and most appropriate routes. Each group has cell phones and a GPS tracker, and is in daily contact with the Yallah! Israel office in Jerusalem. We can make changes to the itinerary and programming at a moment’s notice. We are in touch with security authorities in Israel on a daily basis who are responsible for the safety of youth trips. 

Who can parents reach during the summer?
  • Yallah! Israel’s Director in Israel and senior staff in New York are available 24 hours a day.

  • Yallah! Israel’s office in North America is open 8 hours a day and we check voicemail every weekday.

What immunizations are required?
  • The Union for Reform Judaism requires that all camp and travel program participants, staff and faculty be immunized. For more information, visit the URJ Immersive Youth Programs Wellness Protocols webpage. 
  • Are any special vaccinations needed for travel to Israel? For most travelers, the vaccines required by our vaccine policy are sufficient for safe travel to Israel. You may wish to consult the Centers for Disease Control website and your family doctor to determine if additional vaccines are advisable.
What is the URJ's child protection policy?

At the heart of our Reform Movement is our enduring commitment to shaping a more whole, just and compassionate world. That holy work includes ensuring that each and every member of our camp community – especially our children – are protected and that their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and safety is our highest priority.

Read the full URJ Child Protection Policy Update here.


Can I go on both Yallah! Israel and Taglit-Birthright Israel?

Yallah! Israel alumni are permitted to travel on Taglit-Birthright Israel when older.

Taglit-Birthright Israel is a free 10-day trip exclusively for 18-26 year olds. While Birthright is a wonderful benefit for Jewish young adults, we believe the 3-5 weeks spent on a Yallah! Israel program provides a much deeper experience that provides the foundation for a strong, lasting connection with Israel and Judaism. We encourage anyone interested in both NFTY in Israel and Taglit-Birthright Israel to participate in Yallah! Israel while still in high school, knowing that they can still take advantage of the gift of Birthright when they are older.

How do Yallah! Israel programs compare to other programs?

Please refer to the Why Travel With Yallah! Israel? section on our website.

Have another question?

If you’ve already registered, please refer to the Family Handbook, which has everything you need to know about the summer trip. Questions may be directed to our North American staff at (212) 452-6517 or by email at

This summer we look forward to welcoming hundreds of teens to Israel on our programs and to providing them with a wonderful summer adventure full of fun, friendship and personal discovery.


This summer in Jerusalem!


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