• Previous experience working with American youth 
  • Ability to understand and speak in English 
  • Desire to work with, communicate with, relate to, and serve as an example for teens and adults in a travel program setting 
  • Ability to serve as an adult role model — surrogate parent — for all participants 
  • Commitment to and willingness to take full responsibility for the lives of participants 
  • Common sense, safety-consciousness, and high moral character required 
  • Open to accepting guidance and support; willingness to ask for help 
  • Comfortable navigating potential cultural differences between Israelis and Americans 
  • Passionate about collaborating with others to plan and execute educational activities 
  • Must be 21 or older 

Applicants who stand out may have experience with songleading, leading religious worship, social media, and informal educational programming. If this is you, please make sure to let us know when you apply! 


  • Oversee all participants in one’s assigned group, which includes engaging participants, ensuring the health, safety, and security at ALL times, enforcing rules and policies, and fostering a welcoming culture of friendship, growth, and community 
  • Help participants build skills needed for developing independence such as: keeping track of belongings, managing medication appropriately, and exercising good hygiene and health practices 
  • Participate regularly and enthusiastically in all program activities, but also be willing to skip any activities as directed in order to care for participants 
  • Work together with your staff team to develop and implement programming that integrates Jewish education and Reform Jewish values 
  • Serve as a full member of the larger staff team, attending staff meetings and taking on additional roles as needed 
  • Act as “early warning system” for participants with challenges, referring to appropriate staff and communicating with the unit supervisor when necessary 
  • Fulfill supplemental responsibilities depending on your staff assignment, which may include: 
    • Rosh Briut (Healthcare Lead)
      – Responsible for confidentially managing and tracking all healthcare concerns daily 
    • Rosh Logisti (Logistics Coordinator)
      – Responsible for the group’s logistics including, your group’s money and vouchers, calling ahead to sites, laundry days, Kishrei Noar, etc.  

Essential Functions: 

  • Ability to work long hours with minimal time off throughout the day 
  • Ability to be flexible with quickly changing tasks and priorities 
  • Ability to be a team player with your co-staff 
  • Ability to lift at least 25 lbs. without assistance 
  • Ability to hike long distances while carrying a moderately weighted backpack 
  • Ability to maintain calm and composure in times of stress 
  • Ability to provide clear, accurate, and consistent instructions both in front of large groups and with individuals 
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information shared about or by participants 
  • Ability to handle disciplinary situations in a calm, educational way, that helps the teen learn to change behavior rather than dealing with it in a punitive or power conflict fashion