Ready for Summer 2022? Here’s how to follow along the journey

Welcome families! This summer, your teen will embark on the journey of a lifetime with NFTY in Israel! Our teams in the US and Israel are working tirelessly to prepare for another amazing summer! As you prepare for the departure of your teen, we want to take a moment to share with you how you can stay in touch and share in their experience this summer.

Follow Along

Blogs. We will be posting here on our blog ( These postings, written by our Director, Associate Field Director, Field Staff, or Participants, will talk about day-to-day itineraries, updates, or general happenings on NFTY in Israel.

This also provides you with a convenient central location for summer content and updates. You will find blog posts and videos that are available to the public.  When you access photos from the menu bar, login will be required to protect your privacy. Login to your account is simple, as described below.

Photos. Every parent has their own CampInTouch account. We also recommend downloading the Campanion app. This system will allow families to see up to date photos from the summer. 

How to login?
Click on the link ( and use the same login email and password that you used for teen’s registration. If you forget your password, please email

Can I add additional family members?
Yes, you are able to invite your own guests, so they too can have the ability to view photos and email your teen(s). To add a guest, log on to your CampInTouch account and click the “Guest Accounts” link under “Online Community”. Because privacy and security are important, please do not share your password with family members.

Facebook and Instagram. We will be posting on Facebook and Instagram with Photos of the Day, as well as sharing links to our blog posts.  “Like” us on Facebook: and “Follow” us on Instagram: @nftyisrael.


Things to Note

Please know that during the summer we put every effort into ensuring there is a regular stream of photos and blog posts coming in from our groups in Israel. However, there are very likely to be disruptions to this stream during the summer for a few reasons:

  1. The health and safety of our teens is our absolute highest priority. Our staff will not prioritize social media updates over ensuring that all teens are safe and well cared for.
  2. The intensity of our itinerary sometimes makes for a hectic schedule on the ground. Staff simply may not have the time to post updates while ensuring that the buses are loaded on time, meals are served, and programming is executed. We prioritize the experience of our teens first.
  3. Technological constraints may hinder the process. A laptop might refuse to interface with a camera, a memory card could physically break, the internet at a hotel could be down or have too little bandwidth. Even in the present day, technology can be unpredictable, especially when frequently on the move.

For these reasons, it is inevitable that the quality and quantity of photos will differ from one bus to the next, despite our best efforts. We encourage teens to document their own experiences, and, with the ability to share photos easier than ever, to collectively provide a full picture of the summer experience.

If you have not heard from our groups via social media, or photos have not been posted recently, please do not be alarmed or assume that there is something wrong. We will always contact families directly by phone or email in the case of a significant concern. We will send information about group-wide or program-wide concerns by email, not through our social media channels.


Welcome to Summer 2022!



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